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Medicare Open Enrollment

Oct 15 – Dec 7

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Get quick and easy answers to common questions about Open Enrollment with our frequently asked questions.

When can I make the switch to Medicare Advantage?

During Medicare Open Enrollment which is October 15–December 7, 2016

What’s included in Medicare Advantage?

For the most part, everything you get with Original Medicare. The only exception is hospice care, which is covered by Original Medicare. But Medicare Advantage Plans may also provide:[1]

  • Access to the entire team
  • Preventive services like wellness checks
  • Added benefits, like gym memberships
  • Access to medical professionals selected for their commitment to quality
  • Greater ease when it comes to prescription drug payments
  • An alternative to the 20% coinsurance charged by Original Medicare
  • Coverage for vision, dental, assisted living or nursing home care

How do I know if I'm eligible for Medicare Advantage?

You're probably eligible if: 

  • You have Medicare Part A and Part B 
  • You don't have End Stage Renal Disease[2] 
  • You live in the service area of the plan you want to join

Will I lose Original Medicare Part A & Part B when I enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan?

No, you keep all of the benefits of your Original Medicare, even though your Medicare Advantage plan will take over some of the administrative processes.[2] 

Your health matters; that’s why we put an entire team to work for you. That means you’ve got an entire team on your side, focused on helping you feel your best.

Our patients tell us that this has a way of making them as if they are part of a family – a place where they feel at home. We take pride in fostering that experience from front desk to exam room and beyond.

By putting a team on your side, our medical professionals have the support they need to focus their efforts where it matters most — on you.

I'm ready to enroll... where should I turn?

JSA Medical Group is always here for you to answer any questions and to offer helpful resources. Here are the 3 easy ways to learn more about Medicare Open Enrollment:

[1] Medicare.gov, Sep 2, 2015, “Medicare Advantage Plans cover all Medicare services” [2] Q1Medicare.com, Aug 17, 2015, “Medicare Advantage Plans (MAs) and Medicare Advantage plans with Prescription Drug Coverage (MA-PDs)”

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