Medicare Open Enrollment

Oct 15 – Dec 7

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A Team Working For You

Living better is a matter of better health. That goes for any age -- whether you’re 7 or 70. To get there, it takes an entire team, working for you. That’s what we do at JSA Medical Group.

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Medicare 101

Medicare Part A. Part B. Part C. Part times it can feel like an alphabet soup of confusion. Don’t worry -- many people find all of the options confusing. To help you along the way, here’s a guide that breaks down all of your options.

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The Facts About Medicare Advantage

Open Enrollment is an important time when you’ll make decisions that affect the kind of care you get all year long. One option available to you is Medicare Advantage. Here are some facts on this program that might help you make a decision that’s right for you.

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General Wellness

With advancing age comes a need to address our changing healthcare requirements. For some people, these are big changes. But for many of us, there are small things that can be done to maintain a satisfying level of wellness.

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Tips When Evaluating Your Healthcare Plan

With information overload, Medicare Open Enrollment can be a challenging time. Plans change, and so do your healthcare needs, so how do you go about choosing the plan that’s right for you? Here are four easy tips to help you on your way.

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